Change Equipment Color in Metal Gear Survive

The Metal Gear Survive beta is currently live, and that means players are getting a chance to try out the game. One aspect of this survival/defense game is collecting or crafting equipment. This equipment comes in many forms and include things like weapons and armor. If you are interested in changing how your soldier’s armor looks, this is the guide for you. Below you will find out how to change equipment color in Metal Gear Survive. Note: Guide only applies to beta at this time. 

Access Customization Area in Hub

Change Equipment Color in Metal Gear Survive

The Customization Area is where we want to head.

To begin, you are going to want to access the central hub in Metal Gear Survive. In this area there are a number of things you can do including accessing the customization area. The area is denoted by a wooden fence hologram. Approach the and hold X to deploy facility.

Make Your Way to the Gear Workbench

How to Change Equipment Color in Metal Gear Survive

Make your way to the Gear Workbench inside the Customization Area.

After deploying the customization area, make your way to the Gear Workbench. This bench is located directly in front of you (look for the mask icon). Once here interact with the bench to start customizing your equipment.

Customize + Choose Colors

Once you’ve opened the Gear Workbench, you will be able to select from a number of different menu options. The one we are looking for is Customization. Accessing this menu will pull up both your equipment including weapons and armor. Select one of the various armor pieces you have equipped and choose Color Settings. Select the color or pattern you wish to apply. Repeat for each piece of armor you have.

That’s it! Have fun making your soldier look like a creamsicle like I did!

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