Challenge: Whistle in The Dark, Death Whistle Carving Locations – Shadow of The Tomb Raider

One of the first Challenges you will be given in Shadow of The Tomb Raider is called Whistle in the Dark. In this challenge you need to destroy 5 hidden Death Whistle Carvings. To help you complete this challenge use our guide showing the Death Whistle carving locations below.

Death Whistle Carving Locations Map

All Death Whistle Locations in Shadow of The Tomb Raider

Check out this map featuring all the Death Whistle locations.

The map above highlights the locations of every Death Whistle in the Whistle in the Dark challenge. You will want to collect them in order as there is limited backtracking inside this area. For a closer look at each location, continue reading below.

Death Whistle #1 Location: In Hallway After Learning About Rope-Pulling

The location of the first Death Whistle is in the hallway directly after learning about how to pull objects with your bow. Pull the rubble in the doorway, avoid the trap, and you will see it hanging off the ceiling in the moonlight. Shoot the Death Whistle with you bow to collect it.

Death Whistle # Location: Room After Rats

Death Whistle Location 2 After Rat Room

In the room after the rat sequence is the second Death Whistle.

The second Death Whistle is located in the room after the rat sequence. Inside this room with the water, look up and right and you will see the Death Whistle hangin off of a rafter.

Death Whistle #3 Location: After Swimming Through Crevice

Death Whistle Location 2 After Swimming

Inside the room after the underwater sequence (where you get attacked by an eel) is the third Death Whistle.

You will find the third Death Whistle on the wall behind you after you swim up through the underwater crevice. The Death Whistle is just above a beam to your left. Shoot the Death Whistle to collect it.

Death Whistle #4 Location: In Room with Large Pyramid

Death Whistle Location 3 pyramid room

The fourth Death Whistle is in an old Tower inside the room with the large pyramid (you will walk by it).

When you enter the room with the large pyramid, you will need to make your way up using a number of bell platforms. You will reach an old tower with a cart in it that needs to be pushed onto one of the bell platforms to continue. Across from this platform on the other ruined tower (above where you entered) is the fourth Death Whistle.

Death Whistle #5 Location: Spinning Floor Room

The fifth (and final) Death Whistle can be found above the cart puzzle area. Shoot it to complete the challenge.

In the room with the spinnable floor (where you roll the cart onto), you will see the fifth Death Whistle hanging from the rafters. Shoot it to add it to your collection and complete the Whistle in The Dark challenge.

For completing the Whistle in the Dark challenge you earn 100 XP.

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