Challenge: Bottom Feeder Guide – Shadow of The Tomb Raider

When you enter the village of Kuwaq Yaku, you will have a chance to explore the area before heading out to the next story beat. Before you leave the village there is a quick challenge you can complete called Bottom Feeder that will reward you with 100 xp. To help you complete this challenge, use our Bottom Feeder guide below.

Start the Bottom Feeder Challenge

Bottom Feeder Guide

Head to the docks on the southeast side of the town. Jump into the water and start collecting aquatic plants.

To start the Bottom Feeder Challenge, make your way to the docks on the southeast side of Kuwaq Yaku. From the dock jump into the water and dive down into the bottom of the river. Gather an aquatic plant to start the challenge. To complete the Bottom Feeder challenge you will need to collect 5 plants from around the river. This is super easy and can be completed in minutes.

Complete the Bottom Feeder Challenge

As mentioned above, completing the Bottom Feeder challenge requires collecting 5 aquatic plants. There are more than 5 plants in the area just off the dock. Dive around and collect 5 of them to complete the challenge. Upon completion of the Bottom Feeder Challenge you will receive 100 sweet, sweet experience points.

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