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Call of Duty: WWII received some new updates to the traditional COD formula and arguably the biggest is the introduction of Headquarter. Taking a page out of another Activision studios playbook, Call of Duty now has its own form of social space. So what exactly is Headquarters? Our Headquarters guide will answer this question.

What is Headquarters (HQ)?

Headquarters is an all new social area in Call of Duty: WWII. If you’ve been playing another Activision published title (Destiny 2), you will immediately recognize a lot of shared features between the two games. Essentially what you can do at the Headquarters in Call of Duty: WWII is access mail, purchase items from the quartermaster, receive orders, and much more. Below I will highlight everything of interest in the Headquarters.

*I will break this guide down by location*

Spawn (Staging Area)

From the spawn point in Headquarters you have access to a number of interesting services. These services are listed below:

Headquarters Post

Like Destiny/Destiny 2, the mail system in Call of Duty: WWII is a way to get items to you as a player. If you are looking for your DLC items, they will be here. You can also collect your Payroll, which rewards you with Armory Credits every few hours (seems to be every 4 Hours).


To the left of the Headquarters Post lies the Quartermaster. Here you can purchase contracts and cards for your collection. Contracts are essentially multiplayer challenges you pay Armory Credits for and attempt to complete in multiplayer games for rewards. Rewards for completion come in the form of different collection items or game currency. Collection items are the various pieces of loot you can get in game. These items range from camos to player skins.

Major Howard

Inside the bunker between the Quartermaster and Headquarters Post is Major Howard. Major Howard hands out orders which come in either Daily or Weekly flavors. Orders are essentially less beneficial Contracts, but are free to take on as a trade off for paying out lower items/currency amounts.

Firing Range

Firing Range

Head to the right past the Headquarters Post to reach the live Firing Range. Here you can try out new guns you have purchased on targets. There are a number of secret target sequences to discover (see Further Resources below).

Heading to the Beach


Going behind Major Howard’s Bunker will give you access to the Beach. You can do this by going either to the right or left when facing Howard. On the Beach you will find a number of other interesting services I will list below:

Right Path (From facing Howard)

Prestige area


On the right path, you will see the prestige area. Here there is the Prestige Overlook and Division Prestige. Both of these areas are accessible once you’ve met the required Prestige requirements. Having met the requirements to Prestige, you will have access to the General. Here you are able to trigger Prestiging in Call of Duty: WWII.

Left Path (From facing Howard)


On the left path you will come across the Theater. Here you can rewatch the different Division films from the tutorial of the multiplayer section.


Emblems Gallery

Further down the left path is the Emblems Gallery. Currently nothing is available here, but the booth will allow you to create your own emblems as well as view community creations and so on.


On the Beach you will find a number of services to use. These services are:

Score Streak Training Range

Score Streak Training Range

The tower on the Beach is the Score Streak Training Range. As the name suggests, you can come here to try out the various Score Streaks in the game. Score Streaks training will keep track your stats when using the training range.


In the middle of the beach is the R&R area. Here you can purchase some old school video games to relax from playing an actual video game… Pretty meta stuff.


In a cart on the Beach is the Gunsmith. The Gunsmith will allow you to prestige your weapons, create your own designs, and view the community designs.


A collection of various miscellaneous things from the Headquarters can be found below.

Supply Drops

Supply Drop

Easy way to wave your edick around. Call in a supply drop to unlock new items and everyone in the Headquarters can see it. Get good items and it they will pop up in all chat Destiny-style. Supply Drops can be purchased with real money or earned by acquiring



Head to the Beach if you want to 1v1 people. Interact with the board here to enter the 1v1 queue.



You can access Zombies by entering the tunnel behind the R&R area which heads into the center the beneath Major Howards’ bunker. Here you will meet the Zombies NPC who will help you switch game modes.


Limited time events can occur at the HQ which change how it looks; add new game modes; and introduce new event specific gear and weapons for players to acquire.

Winter Siege (Currently Running: December 8th – January 2nd)

The Winter Siege is the first event to occur at the HQ. This event changes the look of the HQ to make it more holiday themed. Alongside the visual changes are a number of events to play, gifts to collect, and new weapons and gear to acquire. To secure your free Winter Siege crates, be sure to login on DEC 8, 11, 18, and 25th.

Further Resources

I will update this Call of Duty: WWII Headquarters guide as more information comes out. For now this is the basics. Let me know what to add in The Pit below.


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