Boomerang X Chapters List

In Boomerang X the mysterious island you wash up on is split up into chapters. Each chapter is a level in the game. To complete the game you need to complete all of the chapters/levels. To keep track of your progress here is the complete Boomerang X chapters list.

There are a total of 12 levels and one final boss fight in Boomerang X. Your progress in the game can be tracked on the Chapter Select screen from the main menu. To complete the game you will have completed the all of the chapters and final boss fight listed below. Doing this unlocks New Game+ mode which allows you to playthrough the game on a harder setting.

ChapterChapter Name
1The Entaccan Coast
2Kenak, the Exiled Tyrant
3The Grudge Pit
4The Valley of the First Nymphs
6The Poisoned Well
7Incursions of the Great Worm
8The Old Vein
9Atsil’s Quarry
10Hall of the Ersatz Feast
11The Grave of the Yoran Legion
12The Resonance Engine
13Vashkatar (final boss)

To complete the chapters listed above you need to clear the various wave challenges in each of them. Once you’ve completed a chapter you will naturally progress to the next one. The final boss fight is a bit different as you need to defeat the boss to complete the final chapter. Once you do this the credits roll and you will beat the game. It takes from 2-4 hours depending on skill level to clear the game.

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