Bomber Crew Guide

Looking to hone your edge? Read on, for in this Bomber Crew guide you will find ways to thwart the Gerrys while keeping your tea-sipping Brits in top shape. Right-oh!

  1. Air Corp Basics
  2. The Lancaster Bomber
  3. Your Brave Airmen
  4. Missions

Air Corp Basics

Before we get into the deep parts of the Bomber Crew guide, let’s just make sure you aren’t messing up on the foundations of flying.

Wheels Up!

It’s dumb and simple, but so easily forgotten. Make a checklist of things to do for every takeoff. Wheels down causes drag, which will wreck your fuel efficiency. Think of the environment! And think of not running out of gas, or having your landing gear shot off before returning home.

  1. Press takeoff
  2. Landing gear up
  3. Plot course
  4. Use the Lean ability at the engineer station
  5. Reload every gun

Reload Every Gun?

“The mission just started ya tosser, why would I reload my guns?” Well thank you for the offensive question. Turns out you can fit one more ammo magazine in each turret if you reload. So reload now when things are chill, rather than wish you had more lead in the middle of a dogfight.

Bomber Crew Plane Cutaway

Hit the ammo box and be sure to raise your landing gear

Wing Repairs

For the love of all that is holy, do not emergency dive when a man is on the wing. Damage to your engines or wing fuel tanks are not uncommon. An emergency dive will buck your engineer off the plane faster than a prize bull. If your engineer is catapulted off the plane they will be doomed. If you find yourself making this mistake frequently, you can put a parachute in an equipment rack slot. Make your engineer pick up the parachute before heading out. If you dive when the engineer has a parachute their odds of surviving are much, much higher.

Bomber Crew Wing Repair

Now seems like a good time for an emergency dive

Crew Dialogue

While the audible crew dialogue is impossible to understand (is it because of their British accents?) they typically have a written blurb beside their picture. You will find they have important things to say. Stuff like, “Oh my the engine is on fire,” or “Enemy fighters on the radar.” Reading these will make you more aware of what the devil is going on.

Bomber Crew Recon Target

What’s that you say? Free money ahead?

Hotkey to Interior View

If you hold SHIFT while flying, the view will immediately transition to the plane interior where assignments can be changed. This can help in a heated moment when scrolling the mouse wheel is taking that extra neuron of brain power you cannot spare. The only trick is you have to hold SHIFT to stay in the interior view. I wish they had mentioned this hotkey in the tutorial…

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  1. HonoluluBoy says:

    Equipment tracks can hold ammo packs. Useful for the tail finger who is fast from the crate.

  2. enricofairme says:

    Isn’t this a children’s game?

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