Blair Witch Chapter 2 Guide

After you make your way along the trail in chapter 1 you will reach a gate. Open this gate to trigger the title sequence. Once this title sequence is over you will drop down a ledge into a new area. Use our Blair Witch chapter 2 guide to explore this area.

Radio Sheriff

Image showing radioing the Sheriff.

As you begin to walk along the path you will be prompted to radio the sheriff. Follow the prompts to radio then enjoy the lore dump. Hopefully our health issues don’t come back to haunt us. Anyways travel along the path until you reach a branching section. Here you will learn about Bullet.


Image showing the commands for Bullet.

Bullet is your trusty sidekick. This companion can be ordered to do things for you such as seeking, staying close, etc. Your relationship with Bullet is important for future chapters. Remember him and treat him fairly. At this point you can call Bullet over and Pet Him to unlock the Good Boy achievement. After you’ve done the stuffs with Bullet, there is a collectible nearby we can grab.

Victim’s Photo 2: On Log (Chapter 2)

Image showing the location of Victim's Photo 2.

You will be stopped to learn about Bullet’s abilities in front of a branching path on which you can go left, straight or right. Take the path to the left to reach a log with the Victim’s Photo on it.

Once you grab this collectible return to the main path and head right. Follow the path right until you reach a Y where the left choice leads to a dried up creek. An this Y on the trail there is another photo.

Victim’s Photo 3: On Trail (Chapter 2)

Image showing the location of Victim's Photo 3.

At this Y the photo is sitting on the trail. Grab it then take a left into the dried creek bed.

Finding a Hat

Image showing the hat Bullet finds.

Set Bullet to Seek and he will run down into the creek bed. Follow him to the little hole at the end and send him inside to get the hat. Hold the hat out to Bullet and he will follow the scent. Follow Bullet to the next section of forest.

This ends our chapter 2 guide of Blair Witch. Drop any comments, questions, or suggestions you have into The Pit below.


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