Blair Witch Chapter 1 Guide

When you start Blair Witch you begin at chapter 1. This chapter involves getting to know the game’s mechanics as wells as entering the forest. To help you get through this chapter, use our Blair Witch chapter 1 guide below.

Reaching the Forest

Image showing Ellis driving to the search in the forest.

As soon as you start Blair Witch you are put into the game. Ellis will be driving along a road headed to the forest to look for a kid that is missing. As you drive you will be prompted to pick up your phone, you can do this or ignore it. It’s up to you. Eventually you will reach the forest and will see some other cars from the search party. Head over to them.

Getting the Walkie-Talkie (Parking Area)

Image showing the location of the walkie-talkie.

Bullet (your dog) will bark at the back of a cop car. Walk over to this cop car and read the note on the trunk. Open the trunk to grab the walkie-talkie. Look around at the various cars to find a number of lore items you can read. There are also a few collectibles here we can grab.

Psychiatrist’s Note 1: Cop Car

Image showing the location of the first Psychiatrist's Note in Blair Witch.

The first note can be found in Chapter 1 in the area where all the cop cars are parked. Head to the right of this parking area and look for a green cop car parked by a station wagon. Next to this cop car is a box. Beside this box is the first Psychiatrist’s Note. Picking up this note will unlock the Counselling achievement.

Victim’s Photo 1: Station Wagon

Image showing the location of the first Victim's Photo.

On the left side of the parking area there is a another collectible on the hood of the station wagon. This collectible is the Victim’s Photo. There are a total of 42 of these photos to collect.

Meeting the Search Party (Trail)

While you are searching this area Bullet will bring you a Plastic Bottle. Take it from him as part of an achievement (Garbage Man). Once you’ve grabbed everything listed above make your way to the mouth of the forest via the trail start. Next to the map of the trail there is a Wooden Idol you can grab.

Wooden Idol 1: Next to Trail Start

Image showing the location of the first Wooden Idol.

To the right of the entrance to the trail sitting on a fence post is a Wooden Idol. Grab it to trigger the The Idol achievement. There are a total of 14 to collect (including this one).

Walk along the trail until you reach a gate. Open the gate to trigger the opening title sequence for Blair Witch. Basically the game starts now.

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