Blade Ball V1.6 Patch Notes

Blade Ball splash art screen.

Today, on November 4, 2023, a fresh update dropped for the Roblox game, Blade Ball. This update introduces an array of new elements such as game modes, maps, swords, and more. For comprehensive details, check out the complete Blade Ball V1.6 patch notes below.

V1.6 Update Adds New Game Modes and New Maps

The new update brings a number of new additions to the game. The biggest of all these additions is the introduction of the ‘DUELS’ game mode, offering intense 1v1s, thrilling 2v2s, and action-packed 4v4s, where players can test their skills in a showdown against other players.

Alongside the new modes there is a brand-new ‘RANDOMIZER’ mode which adds unpredictable and exhilarating gameplay, keeping you on your toes throughout the match.

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The addition of the new game modes isn’t the only noteworthy thing added. There are two new maps for players to experience in the new update. The new maps are Underworld and Ocean.

The Update Also Adds New Weapons and Other Additions

Besides the addition of the new game modes and maps the update features a number of other additions. The update features a new ability, new blades and VFXs, multiplayer training mode, parry counter and more.

The full list of things in the update:

  • New Ability: Pulse
  • New Limited: Ether Blade (Custom VFX)
  • New Limited: Dual Ether Blade (Custom VFX)
  • 2 new swords
  • Added training multiplayer mode
  • Deleted Red Sands map (until further notice)
  • Added parry counter to training mode
  • Updated training bot AI
  • Added Training Bot Setting (target player only, or bot, or both)
  • Optimized some UI
  • You can now gift people who are offline or are in other servers
  • You can now see rewards for achieving the next rank in ranked mode
  • Fixed Nebula scythe not playing a sound effect
  • Fixed some errors with Dash ability
  • Fixed some errors with leaderboards
  • Other bug fixes

For a full comprehensive list of these changes, please refer to the official Blade Ball Discord server.

What are your impressions of the Blade Ball V1.6 Patch Notes update? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.



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