Blade Ball Halloween Update Patch Note Details

A splash art image from Blade Ball.

The 2023 Halloween update for Roblox Blade Ball introduces an array of exciting additions to the game, enhancing its already diverse landscape. Players will now have access to new abilities such as Quad Jump, Blink, and Phantom, offering fresh and innovative ways to navigate the game’s challenges.

Halloween Update Adds New Battle Pass, Maps, and Skins

In addition to these abilities, the update also includes the introduction of a Battle Pass and a team rewards system, aimed at fostering cooperation and long-term player engagement. Special Halloween Quests provide players with an additional opportunity for in-game rewards, along with Halloween Team Rewards for those who embrace the spirit of the season.

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Furthermore, the update expands the game world with the addition of new maps: Halloween Colosseum and Graveyard. These maps not only offer fresh terrain for exploration but also serve as a backdrop for 12 new Halloween explosion effect finishers, enhancing the game’s visual appeal and excitement.

The customization options for player avatars also receive a significant boost with this update. Some notable additions include the Haunted Harvester, Hallow’s Wrath, Morbid Mireblade, Play Blade, Witch’s Curse, and Eternal Piercer skins, each featuring unique slashing animations. Additionally, there are a few more Halloween-themed skins to choose from, with the Witch’s Curse skin standing out for its custom idle and slashing animations. The Hellfire Blade receives new visual effects (VFX) and a custom slashing animation, elevating its in-game appearance to new heights.

The Update Also Adds Functional Changes

Beyond the aesthetic changes, the update addresses functional aspects of the game as well. This includes the introduction of new codes and a series of bug fixes to enhance the overall gaming experience. Efforts have also been made to reduce ball lag, and minor quality-of-life improvements have been implemented.

List of things in the update:

  • New ability: Quad Jump (Passive)
  • New ability: Blink
  • New ability: Phantom
  • Battle pass
  • Team rewards system
  • Halloween Quests
  • Halloween Explosion Rolling
  • Halloween Team Rewards
  • New map: Halloween Colosseum
  • New map: Graveyard
  • 12 New Halloween explosion effect finishers
  • New skin: Haunted Harvester (Custom slash)
  • New skin: Hallow’s Wrath (Custom slash)
  • New skin: Morbid Mireblade (Custom slash)
  • New skin: Play Blade (Custom slash)
  • New skin: Witch’s Curse (Custom slash + idle/slash animation)
  • New skin: Eternal Piercer (Custom slash)
  • Few more Halloween-oriented skins
  • New VFX + custom slash for Hellfire Blade
  • New code
  • Bug fixes
  • Attempted to make ball less laggy
  • Minor Quality of Life (QOL) adjustments

For a full comprehensive list of these changes, please refer to the official Blade Ball Discord server. The next major update after this one was V1.6.

What are your impressions of the Blade Ball Halloween update? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.



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