Bird of Passage Guide

Bird of Passage is a short indie title that places the player as an observer of a number of late night taxi rides of a strange rider in Tokyo. During these rides the player learns more about the rider by selecting different dialogue choices. If you’ve been playing and are wondering if there is an ending, yes there is. This Bird of Passage guide will help you reach the end of the game.

Note: I highly recommend exploring all dialogue options for a full experience of the game.

Taxi 1

Image of the first taxi in Bird of Passage

The first taxi you start in will be a blue taxi. During this taxi ride select the following options:

  1. “Yes I am, in a way. I come from a lost version of Tokyo.”
  2. “One witness is still alive, actually.”
  3. “A resilient one.”
  4. “They are fascinating plants.”

Once you’ve spoken the final sentence, you will drive a bit and then get out of the taxi. You will then be picked up by the second taxi which is a “silent taxi.”

Taxi 2

Image of the second taxi in Bird of Passage.

In the second taxi say nothing. This will result in you getting out sooner. Once you’ve gotten out of the second taxi you will get picked up by the final taxi.

Taxi 3

Image of the third taxi in Bird of Passage.

The final taxi is all you really need to worry about to get the ending. During this taxi ride say the following to the driver:

  1. “Just drive, please…”
  2. “I don’t need to sleep at all…’
  3. “What are you implying?”
  4. “Now that you know what happened exactly…”

After inputting the final sentence, the taxi driver will speak about finding the tree. Eventually you will arrive at the tree and the mysterious passenger will leave the taxi and depart this world. This ends Bird of Passage.

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