Biomutant Worldeaters and Main Story Bosses List

In Biomutant the main story tasks you with defeating four key bosses called Worldeaters. These large bosses are located in different parts of the world and are the game’s toughest opponents. Before you can go up against these bosses you must first acquire the vehicle needed for that boss fight. These vehicles allows you to take on large enemies like the Worldeaters. To keep track of the main bosses you will encounter use our Biomutant Worldeaters and main bosses list below.

Jumbo Puff (Western Worldeater)

The quest to hunt to Jumbo Puff becomes available to you after you rebuild the Mekton in the Chugyard. It is the first Worldeater you will fight in the game. This boss can be found in the west area called the Deadzone. When you are ready to start the fight enter the boss arena shown above. Once you are in the arena the fight will start.

The fight with Jumbo Pugg takes place across two phases. The first phase you fight the boss using the Mekton. Once you bring the health down to roughly 2/3 the creature will eat you. Inside the stomach you need to climb up the walls so you reach the heart. Destroy the heart to bring down the beast.

Porky Puff (Eastern Worldeater)

Once you’ve defeated Jumbo Puff the next step is to take on Porky Puff. Porky Puff is located on the eastside of the world in the location named Porky Puff Place. To access this location you need to acquire the Googlide vehicle which allows you to ride on top of the water. Once you have this vehicle head to the boss arena to start this fight.

The fight with Porky Puff takes place in two sections. During the first section you need to ride the Googlider while fighting the boss. During this phase you should target the orange bubbles on its four feet. When all four are popped it falls to the ground. While on the ground a bubble appear on the middle forehead. Shoot it to deal massive damage. You can also hook mines in the arena and use those to deal damage.

Once you’ve cleared that phase you will move to a dry section. In this section you fight on foot. Treat this section like other boss fight and focus on dealing damage. Clear the last 1/2 of the health bar to bring this beast down.

Meat Eater (Lupa-Lupin’s Camp)

Meat Eater is a character you encounter a few times throughout the main story. These encounters lead towards a final battle that occurs after you defeat the second Worldeater. Out-Of-Date will tell you to faceoff against this enemy in Lupa-Lupin’s Camp. This camp is just next to the world tree. When you encounter Meat Eater in the camp he will attack you. Defeat him to receive the original weapon you created in the village flashback.

Final Encounter: You return to this location and fight Lupa-Lupin a second time at the game’s end. When you defeat this boss a second time you will beat the game.

Hoof Puff (Northeastern Worldeater)

Hoof Puff is the third Worldeater you will need to defeat in Biomutant. This boss fight is unlocked after you defeat Meat Eater and acquire the Mjut mount. Once you have this animal you can take on the Hoof Puff that is located in the northeast corner of the world at the location called Knupstonies. Use the Mjut to pull the wall down that leads to the boss arena.

To complete this fight you need to focus on popping the orange bubbles that are on the Hoof Puffs four legs. When you pop them it will open up a chance to use the Mjut to pull it over or pull its teeth out. Repeat the process of hitting the bubbles on its legs and roping it until you defeat the boss.

Murk Puff (Northwestern Worldeater)

The final Worldeater you need to defeat can be accessed upon completing the Tribe War. Once this war is complete you need to visit Out-of-Date at the world tree. Out-of-Date will trigger the questline you need to complete to get the Octopod transport. Once you have this vehicle you can head to the boss arena in the northwest corner Surgesurf Factory.

The vehicle you unlock for this boss fight is the Octopod. This vehicle allows you travel underwater. Enter the boss area to trigger the fight. You fight Murk Puff exclusively underwater so you will need to rely on the missile system in the Octopod. Shoot and dodge the attacks to whittle away at the health bar each section is a phase. Defeat all phases to defeat the boss.

Once you’ve defeated all of the bosses listed above you will unlock The Masterplan main mission. This mission tasks you with returning to the World Tree to see Out-of-Date. Go there to start the final quest to end the game.

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