Biomutant Where to Get Best Weapon Guide

In Biomutant there is one melee weapon that is incredibly powerful called the Pri Mugel Sword. This sword is available relatively early in the game and can be useful since large amounts of damage with little upgrading. If you want to find this best weaponry in the game this guide will help you do that. Below is our Biomutant where to get best weapon guide.

Best Melee Weapon (Pri Murgal Sword) Location

Before you can acquire this sword you need to advance the main story enough so you unlock the Googlide boat. Once you have this form of transport you need to upgrade it to at least level engine level 2. Once you’ve done this make your way to a special Lighthouse called the Lumentower at coordinates X: 144325; Y: -179562 in Sector 2G.

Once you reach this location you need to climb up the interior of the Lumentower by using the yellow climbing points. At the top of the tower interact with the crank to trigger a side quest called The Lumentower. Turning the crank reveals a nearby hidden location. Go to the hidden location to find a cave. Explore the cave to reach a room with a sword in the center. Interact with the three markings to remove the barrier. Grab the sword to receive the Pri Murgal Sword.

Image showing the Pri Murgel Sword in Biomutant.

The Pri Murgal sword is easily one of the best weapons you can get in Biomutant. It’s base rarity and damage are crazy good. It also has a special heat bonus that applies Incinerating to your attacks which further ups the damage output. There are two addons slots for this weapon making it a prime candidate to reach higher levels.

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