Biomutant The Oxygen Suit Guide

In Biomutant there are areas you can only go to if you have special suits. If you attempt to explore these areas without you will slowly die. One of the special suits you can acquire is called the Oxygen Suit. This suit allows you to explore areas that suffocate you. To help you find this suit use our Biomutant The Oxygen Suit guide below.

Important: Requires the Heat Zone Suit to get.

The Oxygen Pingdish

To find the Oxygen Suit for for your biomutant you need to tune the Pingdish to locate an Oxygen Suit. The Pingdish is located in the northwest corner of the map at coordinates X: -227862, Y: -252344 in Sector: 9H. When you reach these coordinates you will be at a large building with a satellite dish. Defeat the enemies out front then using your Level 2 Crowbar open the door leading inside.

Go through the door into the building. Inside the building approach the generator and solve the Rotation Puzzle. Once this puzzle is complete you will have control of the satellite dish above. Turn the satellite dish until it is lined up with the signal and hit the action button. This will mark the location of The Oxygen Suit on your map.

Where to Find the Oxygen Suit – The Signal Back

Image showing The Oxygen Suit in Biomutant.

Head to the location marked on your map to reach Bangshelter 11I. Go inside this location and make your way through it until you reach the final room. In this room you will find The Oxygen Suit inside of a glass container. Approach the container and interact with it to get the suit for yourself.

That’s all you need to know to get The Oxygen Suit in Biomutant. Wearing this suit allows you to enter Hypoxia areas that would normally suffocate you. You need this suit to complete the Skronk Salvage main story mission.

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