Biomutant The Open World Guide

In Biomutant there are few methods of travel for players to use. One method of travel sees your furry biomutant ride on another animal in the form of mounts. The first chance you get to unlock mounts comes in the side quest called The Open World. To complete this side quest use our Biomutant The Open World guide below.

Find a Mount

As you progress the main story in Biomutant you will unlock the side mission called The Open World. This side mission tasks you with finding your first mount. To do this you need to go to a field near a nearby outpost. In this field you will a Gnoat. This animal can be tamed so you can ride it. Before you can do this you need to find a Pip Seed. There is one nearby. Go grab the Pip Seed by sliding through the bush (purple in color).

Once you have the Pip seed go over to the Gnoat and hit the Tame button. Interact with the mount a second time to get on it. You can ride around the map using different mounts. They will appear on the new Transport tab that appears next to your map screen. Mounts allow you to travel across the map quicker than on foot.

There are a number of different types of mounts for you to find. These mounts are all visually unique. Many of the mounts come from Living Thing Brokers in different locations, so be sure to look for them.

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