Biomutant The End of the Rainbow Guide

In Biomutant there is a special trophy/achievement players can unlock called The End of the Rainbow. This trophy/achievement tasks you with finding a special treasure that is located at the end of the rainbow. To help you complete this trophy/achievement we’ve put together a short Biomutant The End of the Rainbow guide. Check it out below.

Complete Side Quest End of the Rainbow

Image showing the location of Jumble in Biomutant.

To get this trophy/achievement you must complete a special side quest for Jumble. Jumble is located in the named area of Bullibull Glade next to Namby. Go to this location and speak to the NPC running the Jus stand. After you speak to him you will start the End of the Rainbow side quest.

Image showing the Biomutant The End of the Rainbow trophy/achievement unlock.

To complete this side quest you need to go to the Overlook to locate the Rainbow. Head to the quest marker to the east to trigger a rainbow to appear. Go to the end of the rainbow and defeat the three enemies there. Once the enemies are defeated approach the box, solve the rotation puzzle, and get the Rainbow Concentrate item. Getting this item unlocks The The End of the Rainbow trophy/achievement.

Once you have the Rainbow Concentrate complete the quest by heading back to Jumble. Give the item to Jumble to complete this quest. You will receive a new quest from him to find a glass.

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