Biomutant Reviews Rundup

Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic’s mutant creature open-world adventure game, Biomutant, is out now and many outlets have had a chance to review it. As we’ve been doing with new releases we’ve compiled notable in this Biomutant reviews roundup page. See what the industry is saying about the game below.

Biomutant Reviews Scores by Major Outlets

Image showing a mount from Biomutant.

Since Biomutant is an open-world title reviewers got a hold of the game roughly two weeks before it released on May 25th. Many of the outlets that reviewed the game were mixed to negative. Many of the common complaints included repetitive quests, a boring story and delivery, and some general jankiness. HTR got a chance to review the title as well and found it to be a competent experience lacking in any wow factor. The reviews from the different outlets are:

Do the above reviews impact your purchase of the game? If so why? If not why? Let me know what your thinking about this title in the comments below. If you do pick it up we will have plenty of guides to help you get through the game.

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