Biomutant Discover All 6 Tribe Forts Guide

One of the main storylines in Biomutant is that there are six warring tribes. These six tribes attempt to pursue you to join their cause. Joining one of the tribes will set you on a path to follow until the end of the game. Besides the story element to the tribe system there is also a trophy/achievement tied to them as well. Below I will walk you through how to unlock the Biomutant discover all 6 Tribe Forts trophy/achievement.

Where to Find all 6 Tribe Forts

To unlock this the Trek trophy/achievement you need to find all 6 of the Tribe Forts that are in the world. These forts are the largest forts you encounter in each area and they are home to the various tribe leaders. To get the Trek trophy/achievement you need to visit all of the six Forts on the map:

Jagni Fortress

  • X: 29044; Y:77906 in Sector: 4B.

Myriad Fortress

  • X: 71387; Y:18781 in Sector: 3C.

Ankati Fortess

  • X: -1333988; Y77937 in Sector: 7B.

Netra Fortress

  • X: 16012; Y:-2797469 in Sector: 4I.

Lotus Fortress

  • X: -180206; Y:-387625 in Sector: 8K.

Pichu Fortress

  • X: -396019; Y:-161188 in Sector: 12G.

To get the trophy/achievement you need to visit all 6 of the Fortress locations listed above. This means going to them and seeing the discovered X location. Discovering them can be done a few ways, but the easiest method is to wait until you get a mount then complete the entire Tribe War quest line. If you do this you will naturally get both the Trek and Conquest trophies/achievements.

If you don’t want to do this you can wait until you unlock New Game+ and complete it when you start the next game. All of the fortresses will be marked on your map and you simply need to visit them before you ally with a tribe in A New Alliance.

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