The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Plus Transformations

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth PLus is out and that means new character transformations. For those who don’t know, transformations occur when the Player collects a certain group of items, granting bonus abilities to the Player (think Guppy).  With the new Isaac DLC comes 3 new transformations for players to discover. Below is a list of The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Plus Transformations.


The Bookworm transformation occurs after collecting 3 book items from the list below. When transformed, Isaac wears a monocle and sometimes shoots 2 tears at once.

  • Book of Belial
  • Book of Shadows
  • Anarchist Cookbook
  • Book of Revelations
  • The Necronomicom
  • The Bible
  • Telepathy for Dummies
  • Satanic Bible
  • How to Jump
  • Book of Secrets
  • The Book of Sin

Spider Baby

The Spider Baby transformation grants the ability for blue spiders to spawn when Isaac takes damage as well as a permanent familiar spider which applies a random status effect to enemies that touch it. In order to trigger the transformation, the Player must collect 3 spider related items from the list below.

  • Spider Bite
  • Mutant Spider
  • Spider Butt
  • Spiderbaby
  • Box of Spiders
  • Spider Mod


The Adulthood transformation makes Isaac grow a dirty beard and some scraggly hair on his head. After transforming to Adulthood, Isaac then has a small chance of having mom’s foot come down and stomp on enemies (think mom’s toenail). The transformation is pretty simple, it requires taking 3 puberty pills in a single run.

These transformations are not the greatest in the series, but are welcome nonetheless. More Isaac is always welcome ( I know I’m a blind plebeian).

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What do you think of the new The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Plus Transformations? Which is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? Let me know in the Pit below.


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