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Since Ubisoft decided to announce Beyond Good and Evil 2 during their E3 conference, I figured it was time for me to actually play Beyond Good and Evil. Having received a free copy from Ubisoft on Uplay a while back, I had easy access. If you don’t know what Beyond Good and Evil is like, the easiest way to describe the game would be a cross between something like Darksiders and Mario 64. Like both games, Beyond Good and Evil features boss fights. Since June has been pretty light for new releases, I figured I would throw together a Beyond Good and Evil boss list. Enjoy!

Boss 1: Giant DomZ


Location: Lighthouse

Strategy: This is the first boss you fight in Beyond Good and Evil and is relatively simple. When you start the fight, Jade will be imprisoned inside a bunch of teeth/tentacle things. Once Pey’j intervenes, you will learn that in order to break free, you need to use the heavy attack. This can be done by holding the attack button down until Jade’s staff flashes red. Once you break out, you can deal direct damage to the DomZ. After a few hits, the DomZ will put its teeth/tentacles up around it. Use the heavy attack to break the teeth/tentacles and repeat attacking the eye until the boss is dead. You receive a pearl for beating the boss.

Boss 2: DomZ Sea Serpent (1)


Location: Outside Mammago Garage

Strategy: Like the lighthouse boss, the DomZ Sea Serpent is pretty much here to introduce you to the mechanics of Hovercraft combat. The Hovercraft allows you to move around the world rather quickly and comes equipped with weapons. The DomZ Sea Serpent is pretty simple to fight; the biggest thing to worry about is the mines it drops. Avoid the mines and focus on hitting the tail and this fight is a cake walk.

Boss 3: DomZ


Location: Black Isle

Strategy: Now that we have both tutorial bosses out of the way, we can start jumping into the more serious bosses of Beyond Good and Evil. The first ‘real boss’ you will face is located at the end of Black Isle. Inside the boss arena are a number of holes on a center platform. The DomZ will appear randomly out the holes and requires teamwork with Pey’j in order to damage it. When the DomZ appears, order Pey’j to use his slam attack and follow it up with your attacks. After a few rounds, the boss will fly around the arena spewing toxic gas. All you need to do is avoid the gas and repeat the steps above. Simple fight.

Boss 4: Reaper


Location: Factory (Elevator Room)

Strategy: About halfway through the Factory mission, you will run into the Reaper. The Reaper is a giant, green monster who can deal some serious damage. The fight here hinges mainly on the use of your disc shooter. When the fight begins, Pey’j will get grabbed by the Reaper and will jump away after a few hits. When the Reaper jumps to the higher platforms, switch to the disc shooter and aim for the eye. Once hit, the Reaper will take a huge leap and attempt to ground pound you. Stay clear and shoot its eye when it lands. Get in a few hits while it’s stunned. Repeat for a few rounds and the Reaper will fall.

Boss 5: Metal DomZ


Location: Factory (Level End)

Strategy: Once you make it to the end of the Factory, you will encounter the Metal DomZ. Basically this fight involves using Double H to get the Metal DomZ off balance which allows you to shoot inside the cage. To do this, hit the leg of the Metal DomZ and command HH to use his special ability at the same time. When the Metal DomZ falls, run to the front of the cage, aim and fire. Repeat the process a few times and the fight will be over!

Boss 6:DomZ Sea Serpent (2)


Location: Hillys – Outside Slaughterhouse Race

Strategy: You will fight the DomZ Sea Serpent a total of three times and this is number 2. After getting the jump ability for the Hovercraft, you will be able to access the Slaughterhouse. Go there and complete the mission. Upon leaving, the Hillys will go into lockdown mode and the DomZ Sea Serpent will arrive. Like the other fight, the main focus here is to put damage on the DomZ Sea Serpent. To do this, use the lock on ability of the Hovercraft to target multiple parts. The biggest thing to worry about during the fight is jumping over the lasers. Pay attention and time your jumps accordingly and this fight is pretty easy.

Boss 7: DomZ Sea Serpent (3)


Location: Hillys – After Leaving Lighthouse

Strategy: Once you learn that Pey’j has a ship capable of flying to the moon, you will need to fix it up. Once the ship is fixed, you can then fly around Hillys. Upon leaving the Lighthouse, you will trigger the DomZ Sea Serpent fight for the third and final time. Like the other fights simply focus on locking on to the body. Do enough damage and the fight ends relatively quick.

 Boss 8: Arachnoblast

Location: The Moon

Strategy: After rescuing Pey’j and transmitting evidence to Hillys, you will be tasked with leaving the station. This means making it back to the Beluga. Once outside the station, a cutscene will trigger which shows the Arachnoblast. The Arachnoblast is being piloted by General Kehck, who activitates the spiders tractor beam. This event pulls the Beluga behind the Arachnoblast and triggers a sort of Star Fox like battle.

Strategy wise the fight is pretty simple. The main goal is to destroy the red lights that appear either on the jets, legs, or a mix of both. To do this, use the upgraded cannon with lock on ability. This makes targeting relatively easy. While focusing on damaging the Arachnoblast, you also need to avoid the different projectiles that are shot out at you. This is easy to do and really only requires strafing left or right. Once you’ve damaged the Arachnoblast enough, it crashes and you can go inside.

Boss 9: High Priest

Location: Crypt

Strategy: Prepare yourself for easily the worst boss fight in the game. When you take the three switch elevator down, the final boss fight in Beyond Good and Evil is triggered. Pey’j gets immediately removed from the fight which means it’s only Jade and Double H. To describe the fight, it’s best to break it down into each individual wave.

High Priest Phases

Phase 1: During phase 1, a bunch of Sarcophagi will attach you. All you need to do during this phase is kill every Sarcophagi that comes at you.

Phase 2: The High Priest will begin to shoot a laser beam across the platform. Double H can block the laser, so stand behind him and use the disc thrower to target the eyes.

Phase 3: A bunch of Pey’j clones spawn. Have Double H use his b ability and aim the Pey’j clones at the crystals surrounding the High Priest. Once there is a clear shot, send another Pey’j towards the High Priest.

Phase 4: The platform you are on becomes smaller and the High Priest will attack in a set pattern. In order to complete this phase, you need to get a hit in on every part of the pattern (except above). The pattern is:

Left, Up, Right, Left, Up, Right, Above, Down, Right, Above.

When the High Priest is above, simply dodge left or right. Failing the sequence results in Jade taking damage and the process starts anew.

Phase 5: A bunch of Double H clones appear. Wait for the clones to attack, dodge and then attack. Each clone only takes one hit to defeat. When a clone is killed, a Sarcophagi appears in its place. With about half the Double H clones remaining, the High Priest will fire orbs at you.

Most Important Phases

Phase 6: Prepare for the worst part of the fight. When Phase 6 starts, the screen becomes blurred and controls are reversed. This means you have to think opposite. Left is now right and right is now left (for example). This phase has you fighting Sarcophagi.

Phase 7: A repeat of Phase 4, but controls are inverted. The pattern is:

Left, Up, Right, Left, Up, Right, Above, Down, Right, Above.


After completing Phase 7, the game is complete. Good Job!


What did you think of this Beyond Good and Evil Boss List? Let me know in the Pit below.


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