Beyond Good and Evil 2 Live Stream Shows More Concept Art, HITRECORD Contributions, and Mammago!

Early this week Ubisoft announced that Beyond Good and Evil 2 would not be heading to E3. Instead, the company would be holding a live stream on June 5th to show off the game. During the Beyond Good and Evil 2 live stream a number of interesting aspects of the upcoming title. Let’s take a close look below.

Space Monkey Report #5

To start the developers spoke on reaching over 600k Space Monkeys that have signed up. These Space Monkeys will be the first to get their hands on the title.

There are currently five studios working on Beyond Good and Evil 2. These studios will be joined by a sixth in the coming months, making the team rather large.

Image showing a piece of concept art from Beyond Good and Evil.

A number of pieces of concept art was shown during the stream. These pieces ranged from laboratory shots with hybrid monkey clones, exterior planet shots, meteor showers, and a number of other pictures that can be viewed on the stream archive.

The team also announced a partnership with HITRECORD, the collaborative-centric website. So far a number of art pieces and songs have been selected for inclusion in the game. The partnership with HITRECORD will be extended (more information to come in the next few weeks). Expect more challenges to come in the future.

Image of the newly designed Mammago in Beyond Good and Evil 2.

The bit of content shown had to do with Mammago. In a short video there was some footage shown from Beyond Good and Evil of the Mammago clan. This was followed up with a screenshot of the newly designed Mammago character (above).

That concluded Space Monkey #5 report. The full live stream can be viewed here.

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