Best Way to Get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn

In Far Cry New Dawn, you will spend a ton of your time scavenging for items to help you on your journey. One of the most important scavengable items is Ethanol. Ethanol is the main resource you need to upgrade Prosperity which gives you access to higher tiers of weapons, maps, vehicles, and a bunch of other bonuses. Below I will show you the best way to get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn.

Ways of Getting Ethanol

There are three ways of getting ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn: Liberating Outposts (100 – 450 Ethanol), Finding Supply Drops (35 – 40 Ethanol), and Capturing Ethanol Trucks (75 Ethanol). While these three ways all reward Ethanol in some form or another, your best bet is Liberating Outposts since they pay the highest amount of Ethanol upon completion.

Liberating Outposts for Ethanol

The best way of getting Ethanol is to Scavenge Outposts.

There are a total of 10 Outposts in Far Cry New Dawn. For Liberating an Outpost you receive Ethanol as your reward. Once you’ve Liberated an Outpost you can do what is called Scavenging the Outpost. Basically you reset the Outpost and can complete it again against higher level enemies (up to Rank III). Rank III Outposts pay out 300 Ethanol for completion plus you can secure 150 more Ethanol if you complete it without triggering any alarms. This is the fastest way of getting Ethanol if you have decent enough gear, plus you can farm them infinitely, so levelling up Prosperity is easy.

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