Bendy and The Dark Revival Search For the Exhibits Guide

The first major objective you need to complete in Bendy and The Dark Revival is to find six missing exhibit items. These items are scattered throughout a room nearby but they are well hidden. To help you find all of the items you need to complete this objective we’ve put together this guide. Below is our complete Bendy and The Dark Revival Search For the Exhibits guide.

Follow Wilson to The Power Room

Image showing Janitor Wilson in Bendy and The Dark Revival.

The first step in this quest is to follow the Janitor Wilson as he attempts to turn back on the power. Wilson will unlock the power room. Walk into the room with him and he will turn and tell you that someone has removed items from the exhibit area. While he workings on getting the power restored he asks you to find six items to put back on the pedestals.

Find the Exhibit Items

This next portion of the quest tasks you with locating the six lost items. These items are all located in the room before the power/exhibit area. Go back to this room. The items are located at the following locations in the room (also shown in video above):

  1. Wrench: On switch in power room (as you leave the room).
  2. Gear: On left wall in green box that has a gear on it.
  3. Record: on desk on the opposite wall from the Gear.
  4. Plushie: To the left of the desk where you found the record. It is sitting in a chair.
  5. Book: On bookshelf to the left of the plushie.
  6. Ink: Sitting on the shelf next to the bookshelf where you found the book.

Once you’ve snagged all of the items listed above, return to the power/exhibit room. In this room interact with the six pedestals to place each item on them. Place all of the items to trigger Wilson to speak to you. He tells you to pull the switch nearby. Walk over to the switch and pull it. This triggers a cutscene where Audrey gets pulled into the Ink World.

Following this cutscene you take control of Audrey. You are now in the Ink World. Your next objective is to Escape the studio. To do this requires you to find food, items, and other valuable resources while avoiding the antagonist Bendy.

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