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In Vigil: The Longest Night there are a number of NPCs players can interact with for special quests, items, and even achievements. One NPC that has an achievement tied to him is the Beggar. The Beggar appears in Maye Town after you enter the second dimension upon defeat of The Ancient Guard in Death’s Destination. To learn how to complete this achievement use our Beg From Beggar achievement guide below.

How to Beg the Beggar in Maye Town

Image showing how to beg the Beggar in Maye Town.

Important: Drew will leave if you progress too far in the story. Try to do this immediately upon entering alternate Maye Town the first time.

The Beggar NPC can be found under the bridge to the left of the front entrance of the Asylum. When you speak to the Beggar he will ask you to give him some money. If you have over 10 Gold on your character the Yes option allows you to donate to him.

To get the achievement Beg From Beggar you need to speak to the Beggar when you have less than 10 Gold (0 is optimal). This means you should pursue this achievement after you’ve spent all your money at the shop or Smithy. When you speak to the Beggar with 0 Gold and select the Yes option he will give you 5 Gold for being poor than him. Repeat this process a total of 5 times and the Beggar will run out of money earning your the Beg the Beggar achievement for yourself.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Beg the Beggar achievement in Vigil: The Longest Night. In terms of difficulty this achievement is very easy to complete and can be done in a matter of minutes. Just be sure you have no money on your character every time you speak with him.

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