Battlefield V New Updates Highlighted During EA Play 2019

Battlefield V is getting a ton of updates coming over the coming months. These Battlefield V updates feature new maps, new updates, and new theatres of war. Check out the announcements below.

New Maps Coming to Battlefield V

Image showing a new map in Battlefield V

There are a number of new maps coming to Battlefield V. These maps include:

  • Marita: Infantry focused map where all four classes will shine. Map is based on The Battle of Greece. Coming in July as part of Chapter 4.
  • Alsondan (spelling?): Large distances to cover which will rely heavily on vehicles. Based on Under No Flag. First map on June 27 as part of Chapter 4.
  • Operation Underground: is an underground map based on fighting in park, subway system, and banking buildings. Coming October.
  • Two New Maps: Smaller, infantry focused maps.

Core Gameplay Updates Coming

Increased to max rank is coming soon to Battlefield V. Max ranking is being moved from 50 to 500. From Rank 51 you will earn a number of unlocks including new dog tags. Max rank increase is coming in August.

Private games are coming soon. The base level will be free for all players. There will be more expensive options for players to really handle options they want to change. Private servers are coming

Battlefield V Chapter 5 Revealed

Image showing Chapter 5 footage for Battlefield V.

To close the show they showed off what is coming in Battlefield V‘s Chapter 5. This new chapter takes players to the Pacific theatre. Inside this Chapter 5 addition there will be new weapons, new vehicles, and 3 new maps. More information about Chapter 5 will be coming soon.

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