Battlefield 1 Friends in High Places Field Manuals Guide

Battlefield 1 is upon us. Players everywhere now have the opportunity to battle each other on the battlefields of World War 1. What some folks forget is that Battlefield games actually come with a single player campaign. Like other single player affairs, the campaign packs in some collectibles to find for those no lifers out there (myself included). In Battlefield 1, players track down Field Guides which are basically books scattered around some of the levels (not all levels have collectibles). In total the game has 66 to find. Below is my, Battlefield 1 Friends in High Places Field Manuals guide.

Before we dive in, it is important to note that this campaign only has two levels of collectibles and the spread it split 5 and 1 between them. Images are in a gallery for viewing pleasure. 

Fall From Grace Field Manuals (5)

Fall From Grace consists of a total of 5 field manuals to collect. Up to this point we have collected 0 Friends in High Places Field Manuals.

1.By a Cart Near Beginning of Level

The first Field Manual can be find relatively close to the mission start. When the player is facing the broken building, proceed forward and hang a right onto what looks to be a old cart path. Follow the path (should be an old shed on your left) and continue until you find a cart. The Field Manual is beside the cart on a crate.

2. Inside a Shed

Once you have collected the Field Manual 1, you will take a left, jump a few fences and see a village below you. The next Field Manual is located in the right-most building (a shed). Make your way across the field, head to the shed and collect Field Manual 2.

3. Beside a Cot

From here, head into the town and look for a ruined building (this one is pretty much middle of the town). See the tent on the left of my screen? Directly across from that is the entrance to another tent. Inside you will find Field Manual 3 beside a cot.

4. In No Man’s Land

Once you’ve gathered Manual 2 and Manual 3 you are done with the town. Now make your way into No Man’s Sky via the trench. Head into the trench, and keep moving forward until you see a enemy standing on a raised section. Take the enemy out, hang a right and head straight. Continue straight until you reach a gap over the trenches below. Make a running leap and cross over the trench to the other side. Here head straight and look for Manual 4 by a large puddle.

5.Cement Bunker

Field Manual 5, the last Field Manual in the level is located within a cement bunker. Instead of heading towards the box after you leap across the trench hang a right instead. From here, you should see a cement bunker in view. The bunker has Field Manual 5 inside.

Forte et Fidele Field Manual Location (1)

Forte et Fidele has only 1 Field Manual to collect. Up to this point we have collected 5 Friends in High Places Field Manuals.

1.In The Blimp

Forte et Fidele is mix of both air combat and on blimp combat. To get the last Field Manual in Friends in High Places, play up to the point you are on the blimp. From here, the level is pretty linear so continue forward until you enter a hallway which has a canister that is leaning on your left. Take a right at the canister and Field Manual 1 will be right there.


If you read through all of that and are still confused, check out a video version of the Friends in High Places Field Manuals guide below.

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Did this guide help you collect all the Friends in High Places Field Manuals? General thoughts on this guide? Other questions? Let me know in the Pit below.


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