Battlefield 1 Beta Numbers Were Huge

The Battlefield 1 Beta has come to a close and EA has shared some interesting numbers. First off the Battlefield 1 Beta numbers were huge. So huge in fact, the numbers are the highest of any beta in EA history. Taking the time to thank the fans on a blog post, EA also shared some of the numbers in an infograph here (and below).

Battlefield 1 Beta numbers

The numbers are pretty crazy. 13.2 million people played the beta. To put this in perspective, that is roughly 37% of the Canadian population. Players favored playing Assault and Scout over any other class. As this is a war based game, killing was the largest numbers. Millions upon millions of kills occurred using various vehicles of death. Who knew horse riding could be so deadly?

Alongside these numbers, EA stated that feedback received was immense and tweaks would be made ahead of the games launch. They specifically singled out the Light Tank which “performed a little too well, that will be addressed.”

The next time players can get their hands on Battlefield 1 is on October 13 through EA and Origin Access. Battlefield 1 officially launches worldwide on October 21.

The Battlefield 1 Beta Numbers are pretty crazy. Which one is most telling to you? Let me know in the Pit below.


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