Bare Knuckle League – Watch Dogs Legion Guide

One of the first side missions you will gain access to in Watch Dogs Legion is called Bare Knuckle League. This side mission tasks you with fighting in five different bare knuckle competitions across London. To help you complete this side mission we’ve thrown together the guide below.

Side Mission Information

Image showing where to start the Bare Knuckle League in Watch Dogs Legion.

You are able to start this side mission the moment you complete the second story mission in-game called Restart DedSec. Once this second story mission is completed you can leave the safehouse and explore London. Just outside of the safehouse in Parliament Square Gardens there is graffiti about the Bare Knuckle League. Interact with the graffiti to begin this side mission.

Side Mission Giver: Tag.

Quest Objective: Complete all 5 Bare Knuckle Arenas.

Rewards: 875 ETO; gold Handwear.

How to Complete the Bare Knuckle Leage

Image showing the Bareknuckle Tutorial.

To complete this side mission you need to go to the five different Bare Knuckle Arenas and win in each one. These arenas are located around London:

  • Garden Arena (Solar Garden).
  • Garage Arena (Around LDN Bus Stop).
  • Slaughterhouse Arena (Chinatown).
  • Stage Arena (Camden Market).
  • Cellar Arena (Old Barely Mill).

All of the fights follow a similar format. The first three fights are against amateurs and the fourth and final fight is against the champion. The champion fighters each have their own gimmick during the fight with some using weapons, others having smoke bombs, and others fighting in pairs or groups.

Regardless of what they throw at you each fight basically comes down to being able to dodge and counter-attack. Using these moves ensures you land damage everytime you attack. Simply wait for your enemy to strike, dodge, and then counter-attack. Rinse and repeat for every arena to complete this objective. When this mission is completed you will earn 875 ETO and the golden handwear item.

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    For some reason it still says New Mission and I can’t interact with it. I already did the Bare Knuckle Boxing challenges cause it was one of the side missions but it’s still on my map like I haven’t started it, is there something I’m doing wrong?

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