Baldo A Cell-Shaded Action Adventure Game Gets Gameplay Trailer

Early today IGN released footage for an upcoming cell-shaded action adventure game called Baldo. This title appears to be a mixture of Studio Ghibli art style and Legend of Zelda gameplay. Take a closer look at the gameplay shown of Baldo below.

Baldo Gameplay Footage

The above footage for Baldo was released on IGN this morning. Besides this gameplay reveal there really isn’t much floating around the web on this title. So far HTR has found the game’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages, but that’s really it.

Watching the gameplay footage we can see that Baldo features a number of NPCs like a chef, a dog, a blacksmith, a plant, and more, residing in unique looking villages and towns. Alongside the npcs there seems to be a bunch of unique dungeons with emphasis on combat (sword fighting) and puzzle solving.

From the footage we can gather that weather/area climate appears to play a part in gameplay as Baldo can be seen wearing light clothing in a desert and a heavy clothing while on a wintery mountainside.

The last interesting thing to note is the scale of creatures in the footage shown. While there are a number of enemies ranging in size, the final shot shows off what appears to be a towering giant which looms of the treetops of a forest below. This shot may hint at some interesting boss encounters with giant enemies.

As of writing Baldo is slated to release on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC. There is currently no release date. I expect more of the game to be shown soon.

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