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In Mortal Shell there are a few NPCs you can encounter while exploring Fallgrim and the surrounding areas. These NPCs are often strange characters that make requests of you that include things like knocking them off a ledge to bringing them certain items. One NPC you can meet in the Fallgrim marsh area is called Baghead. Learn how to complete his NPCs quest-line with our Baghead guide below.

Where to Find Baghead NPC?

Image showing where to go to reach the Fallgrim marshlands.

The Baghead NPC can be found in the marsh section of Fallgrim near the Fallgrim Tower. This NPC resides on a root of the large tree above the Toad named Gorf. To reach this NPC head through the cave Gorf is in then take a left and go up the path leading to the tree root. Here you will find Baghead sitting next to a statue chest.

How to Complete Baghead’s Request?

Image showing the Baghead NPC in Mortal Shell.

When you speak to Baghead for the first time he will make a request from you for a Roasted Rat. This item can be found throughout the many campsites in Fallgrim so search for it there. If you have Tar available you can also buy this item off of the merchant Vlas in the Fallgrim Tower for 100 Tar. Alongside the Roasted Rat you will want to acquire a thing of Superior Moonshine as this is the next item he requests. Like the rat you will find moonshine off enemy drops, in-camps, or purchasable from Vlas.

Once you have both of the items listed above, the final item to acquire is a Lute. Lutes can be dropped off enemies playing them in camps or from Vlas for 600 Tar. Get a Lute and head back to Baghead. Give Baghead both the Roasted Rat and Superior Moonshine to trigger a new dialogue with him in which he asks you to hang out forever. Agree to this and your character will sit and play the lute for eternity. After the cutscene the credits will roll and you will have unlocked one of the Mortal Shell endings. This ending has no effect on your game.

This post is part of our larger Mortal Shell guide and walkthrough. Check it out if you need more help finding all weapons, bosses, side quests, items, and other secrets in the game.

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