Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok Boss List

The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC, Dawn of Ragnarok, is out now. This expansion to the popular Viking action-adventure game features new areas to explore and new bosses to fight. Given the theme of the expansion the new bosses are rather mythical in nature. To keep track of them all here’s the complete Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok boss list.

Surtr 1

Image showing Surtr in Dawn of Ragnarok DLC for AC Valhalla.

The very first boss you fight in the expansion is Surtr. Surtr is located inside the throne room during the game’s opening quest called The Rescue. You can’t really win this fight. Instead when you defeat Surtr, he actually defeats you and the expansion begins.

Sinmara 1

Image showing Sinmara in Assassin's Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok.

Not really much of a boss fight here. When you reach the end of the cave system during the Gift to the Gods Sinmara will attack you. Get her health down to about 3/4 and a cutscene triggers. Sinmara runs away. You receive The Impaler (Weapon) as a reward for completing the fight. You will fight her numerous times during your playthrough.

Sinmara 2

Image showing the second encounter with Sinmara in Dawn of Ragnarok.

After you reach The Vault of the Ancients and plunder its treasure you will face Sinmara again during your escape. Lower her health to half and she will run away again. Look forward to another fight with her again down the line.


Image showing Glod in Dawn of Ragnarok.

At the end of The Vault of the Ancients quest you go back to the shelter. At this point Glod will appear and challenge you to a fight. After Glod smashes into the ground he appears in cat form. Defeat Glod in cat form to complete this boss fight.


Image showing Eysa in Dawn of Ragnarok.

During The Warlord’s Daughter quest you will encounter Sutr’s daughter Eysa. Eysa resides north of Stor Mylna in a boss arena that features multiple lava pools. Approach the statue in this arena to trigger the boss fight. Whittle down Eysa’s health to 99% and a cutscene will trigger that ends the battle.


Image showing the Calder boss in Dawn of Ragnarok.

At the end of the Blazing a Trail quest you will face off against Calder. Calder and Eysa engage in a chase and you track them. When you finally catch up to them Calder will attack you. Defeat Calder to advance the main story.


Image showing Malvigir in Dawn of Ragnarok.

You face of against Malvigir at the end of the Malvigir quest in the Vessel of Souls questline. You face off against her at the bottom of the large dam in Vangrinn. Malvigir has multiple ads with her during the fight and she splits apart, making the fight more difficult. Defeat her to advance the main story.

Sinmara 3

As you advance through the story you will eventually get the chance to free your son. During this chance you encounter Sinmara once again. This time you fight for real and she will be defeated.

Surtr 2

Image showing the second battle with Surtr in Dawn of Ragnarok.

The final boss in the game is unsurprisingly a rematch with Surtr. This boss fight takes place across a few phases. The initial phase sees you defeat him and he comes back to life. After this you do a chase sequence where you go to a nearby tower. Inside the tower you fight with Surtr once again. Defeating him inside of the tower leads to his death (for real this time). Upon his defeat you beat the expansion. Doing this for the first time unlocks the Ashes of Svartalfheim Trophy/Achievement and you get the Muspel Spark Mythical Atgeir.

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