Arena of Valor Heroes List

Arena of Valor is a new (new to the Americas) mobile MOBA (Google Play link) out of Tencent Games which essentially puts League of Legends in your pocket (Tencent owns Riot Games). Like League, Arena of Valor features a roster of playable champions which each play differently and bring their own flair to the battlefield. Currently Arena of Valor boasts a pool of 40 playable heroes. Below is our Arena of Valor heroes list to help you get a grasp of which champions fill what roles.


Tanks in every MOBA serve a couple of essential functions. The first and most important is the ability to absorb a lot of damage. This is often accomplished by building a range of defensive items (armor, health regen, etc.). The second function of a Tank is to either peel for damage dealers or hard engage on enemy damage dealers. Keep these two functions in mind if you want to succeed in the Tank role.

You will find that Tanks come in many shapes and forms in Arena of Valor. On the one hand you have the simple tanks such as Mina and Omega, while on the other you have a number of hybrid Tanks like Arthur and Gildur (combination of two classes in one). Regardless of what Tank you choose, having a general understanding of what class(es) they are designated will help you fill your role better.


Mina (Tank)

Omega (Tank)

Tank/Mage Hybrid

Gildur (Tank/Mage)

Grakk (Tank/Mage)

Tank/Warrior Hybrid

Taara (Tank/Warrior)

Thane (Tank/Warrior)

Tank/Support Hybrid

Cresht (Tank/Support)


Astrid (Warrior)

Lu Bu (Warrior)

Zanis (Warrior)

Warrior/Tank Hybrid

Arduin (Warrior/Tank)

Arthur (Warrior/Tank)

Ormarr (Warrior/Tank)

Skud (Warrior/Tank)

Warrior/Assassin Hybrid

Zephys (Warrior/Assassin)


Butterfly (Assassin)

Assassin/Warrior Hybrid

Nakroth (Assassin/Warrior)

Wukong (Assassin/Warrior)

Kriknak (Assassin/Warrior)


Krixi (Mage)

Veera (Mage)

Diaochan (Mage)

Natalya (Mage)

Jinnar (Mage)

Preyta (Mage)

Ilumia (Mage)

Kahlii (Mage)

Azzen’Ka (Mage)

Mage/Assassin Hybrid

Raz (Mage/Assassin)

Zill (Mage/Assassin)

Mage/Support Hybrid

Mganga (Mage/Support)


Valhein (Marksman)

Yorn (Marksman)

Violet (Marksman)

Slimz (Marksman)

Fennik (Marksman)

Moren (Marksman)


Alice (Support)

Peura (Support)

Support/Tank Hybrid

Lumburr (Support/Tank)

Chaugnar (Support/Tank)

These are currently all the available heroes in Arena of Valor. As more heroes become available (looking at you Superman, Batman, and the Joker), I will add to this list.

Who is your favorite hero on this Arena of Valor Heroes list? Let me know in the Pit below.


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