Apex Legends Season 2 First Look During EA Play 2019

Free-to-play shooter, Apex Legends, was featured in EA Play 2019. During the show they highlighted the game’s upcoming season pass. In Apex Legends Season 2 there will be a new gun, new game mode, and new character.

Season 2: Battle Charge

The new Season 2 is called Battle Charge. It includes a new weapon, new Legend, a new map event, a new game mode, and more.

Respawn also announced that Battle Pass is getting a bit of an overhaul. It is no longer time based but now skill based. You will need to complete daily challenges which will stack if you miss days of playing. This will result in players reaching Level 100 faster.

Season 2 drops on July 2nd.

New Weapon: L-STAR

Image showing the L-STAR Light Machine Gun weapon in Apex Legends.

The L-STAR is the new weapon that is coming to Season 2 Battle Charge. This weapon is a Light Machine Gun that drops in care packages. It is considered OP according to the Respawn rep.

Ranked Mode is Coming

Ranked Mode is coming soon. It will feature six tiers from Bronze to Apex Predator. Depending on where you end the season will determine what rewards you earn.

New Legend: Wattson

Image showing the new Legend in Apex Legends called Watson.

The newest Legend was revealed and she is called Wattson. Wattson is support focused Legend that can create a number defensive structures like electrified fences and turrets. Each item she puts out is on her person. During the show they also revealed all of Wattson’s abilities:

  • Can place electrical fence nodes (up to 12) which creates an electrified barrier.
  • Ultimate places an arc pylon which calls down a missile barrage, charges shields, and allows for more building of fences.
  • Passive is that ultimate accelerants allows for 100% ultimate when used.

Watson has more interrelated abilities than any other character in Apex Legends.

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