Anthem Fixes Coming Soon Says Dev Livestream

Anthem has had a bit of a rocky launch with many players experiencing connection, performance, as well as gameplay issues with Bioware’s newest looter shooter. To address many of the issues players are facing, Bioware held a dev stream today which laid out a number of Anthem fixes which will be coming ‘around’ March 12th. For more information on everything Bioware touched on in the stream, check out the list below.

Anthem Livestream Talking Points

Anthem fixes

The Anthem live stream lasted about 60 minutes and covered a wide range of topics. These topics will be presented in chronological order below. I tried to be as succinct as possible with each point. If you feel like watching the whole stream, check it out here.

  • Next patch is aiming for a March 12 release (this is the “goal” date). It will be focusing on a number of improvements, with heavy emphasis on fixing crashes (mainly for consoles).
  • PS4s are not bricking, but have been powering down while playing Anthem. This powering down has been addressed in the upcoming patch.
  • The lowest level weapons being the best weapons in the game is a bug. Should be fixed real soon.
  • You will be able to start Expeditions from anywhere in Fort Tarsis.
  • Both Inscriptions and drop rates are being monitored. No changes to announce atm.
  • Common and Uncommon will be removed from the loot pool at Level 30.
  • Colossus overheating/crashing will have a shorter recovery animation.
  • 300 changes in the upcoming patch.
  • A lot of improvements have been made to Quickplay. Addressed all the issues they know of.
  • Most Respawn Restricted areas have been removed from the game.
  • Server Shutdown message during Freeplay will occur close to when the server is going to actually shut down.
  • Open Cortex message during Freeplay will no longer pop up after you’ve completed the activity.
  • If you are downed when killing a Titan, you will receive credit for killing it.
  • Bioware has created a post explaining how Inscriptions work.
  • Quickplay Stronghold will be added in the new patch.
  • Mouse button 4 is no longer bound to the back button.
  • Respawning behind barriers should not happen as often (you will be put in the right spot).
  • Ultimate bar being filled when it isn’t is fixed.
  • Majority of Sound bugs should be fixed.
  • Melee and Ultimate abilities should scale better in the higher difficulties.
  • Ranger ult will no longer be blocked by Windwall.
  • Consumables like Windwall have been buffed (block more damage) and should see an increase in usefulness in higher difficulties.
  • Gunslinger’s Mark is fixed.
  • Colossus can shield charge through destructible objects now instead of bouncing off.
  • Titans can be primed in the new patch.
  • Mark of Ruin is now functioning properly.
  • Base damage of Masterwork weapons increased.
  • Events are still being tweaked. There will be new events over time.
  • The Health UI bug has not been fixed.
  • DLSS support is not in this patch. Soon.
  • The store is not going to be changed any time soon. Bioware is looking into it.
  • New content should be coming at the end of March (“a couple of things”). Though this is a goal not a commitment.
  • GM2/GM3 changes are still in the information gathering process.
  • Support Gear Masterwork items are coming soonish. No timeline.
  • Stats page is being talked about, nothing to announce on that front.
  • What to do with XP earned after level 30 is being talked about. Not much else here.
  • Ranger may see some tweaks down the line to make it more viable.
  • Loot drops are being monitored.

That’s all the major announcements from the Anthem Live Stream earlier today. As you can see there is a long list of items the team over at Bioware are tackling. What do you think about the announcements? What did you want to see Bioware announce?

Thoughts on the Anthem fixes announced today? Let me hear them in The Pit below.


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