American Fugitive Upgrades List

In American Fugitive, players take on the role of a wrongfully accused criminal who must prove his innocence. While out on the run, the player will complete different activities to earn upgrade points. These upgrade points can be used to purchase upgrades. Check out our all American Fugitive upgrades list below.

American Fugitive Upgrades

Image showing the various upgrades in American Fugitive.

To purchase an upgrade in American Fugitive hit the 3/U key on your keyboard. You will be taken to a screen showing 20 upgrades. In order to purchase an upgrade you need the required upgrade point as well as money. Here are the upgrades you can buy.

  • Packhorse (6): Increase the size of your inventory.
  • Tough (6): Increase your maximum health.
  • Supply Drop (4): Drops useful supplies whenever you restart at a pipe.
  • Intimidation (3): Increase the chance of successfully holding up a house or store.
  • Fast Talk: Increase the chance of successfully fleeing a house.
  • Restrainer (3): Increase the chance of successfully restraining someone in a house or store.
  • Invader (3): Increase the chance of successfully attacking someone in a house or store.
  • Haggle (3): Reduce the price of items in shops.
  • Sprint (5): Sprint for longer.
  • Recovery (3): Allows health to passively regenerate.
  • Brawler (4): Increase the damage of your melee attacks.
  • Rogue (2): Increase the damage you deal to unaware enemies.
  • Armored (6): Reduce the damage your vehicle takes.
  • Grease Monkey: Allows you to repair your car.
  • Disarm: Grants the ability for melee attacks to disarm opponents.
  • Stealth (3): Reduce the chance of being detected while crouching.
  • Burglar’s Instinct: Automatically case buildings as you approach them.
  • Metal Detector: Start the game with a metal detector that beeps when close to hidden stashes.
  • Lifeline: Automatically consume items when your are low on health.
  • Totaled (2): Increase the damage you deal to vehicles.

Increase your levels in these upgrades gives you a significant advantage while playing through American Fugitive. Any upgrades you need in your life? Let me know in the comments.

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