Alpaca Stacka Achievements Guide

Our Alpaca Stacka achievements guide will help you unlock all six achievements in this free-to-play indie title. You can grab Alpaca Stacka over on Steam for free. This game is incredibly easy to 100% run through in about 5 minutes. The guide below will ensure you unlock all available achievements during a single run.

Lost Chicks Map Locations

Alpaca Stacka map showing the location of the five missing chicks.
Map of the missing chick locations.

Before you head off to start finding the missing chicks keep in mind there is an in-game map you can use. This map shows off the different locations on the island. I’ve linked the map above with the highlighted areas for each of the missing chicks. The descriptions below should give you an idea of what to do to find each chick.

Collecting each of the chicks is easy to do. You need to interact with them and they will stack on your back. You can stack them all on your back in one go or place each individual chick in the pen next to Mama Hen.

Choco Location

From the starting spawn head to the right until you reach a garden. Running around the garden is Choco. Interact with Choco to have it ride on your back. This unlocks the Choco achievement.

Cheryl Location

From the starting spawn head to the left and go up the hill. You will reach a large tree. Approach the tree and shake it by pressing E. Cheryl will fall out of the tree. Speak to Cheryl to have it jump on your back. This will unlocks the Cheryl achievement.

Cheri Location

Cheri is in an apple eating contest with Cheryl so it can also be found in a tree. This tree is located on the little island in the southeast corner of the map. Approach the tree and shake it to have Cheri fall out of it. Speak to Cheri to unlock the Cheri achievment.

Chase Location

From Mama Hen turn around so you are facing away from the chicken coop. In the distance you will see a section with a number of shrubs. Go to this area to find Chase. Interact with Chase and it will challenge you to catch it. Catch it three times to tire it out. Once it is tired it will jump on your back. This unlocks the Road Runner achievement.

Chirpy Location

Next to where you found Chase you will see a number of mushrooms leading up to another section of the island. Use these mushrooms to reach the peak of the mountain. On top of the peak is Chirpy. Interact with Chirpy to stack it on the Alpaca. This unlocks the Song Bird achievement.

Back Home

Back Home achievement unlock.
Unlocking the Back Home achievement.

Once you’ve found all of the lost chicks listed above the only thing you need to do is return them to the pen next to Mama Hen. Upon depositing the final chick you will unlock the Back Home achievement. This will 100% the game. Speak to Mama Hen to unlock the game’s ending.

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