All Pilot Level Rewards in Anthem – What you Unlock at Each Level

In Anthem you level up as you earn experience. As you gain levels you unlock a number of things which will help you on your journey. This post will list all of the Pilot Level rewards in Anthem.

Pilot Level Rewards

Pilot Level Rewards in Anthem
Here are the level unlocks in Anthem.

This list is taken directly from the tutorials page in Anthem. You can view it at any time under the Tutorials > Building Your Javelin > Pilot Level Rewards tab. On this screen you will see the following list:

  • Level 2 – New Javelin Unlocked!
  • Level 3 – Weapon Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 4 – Component Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 5 – Support Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 6 – Componente Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 8 – New Javelin Unlocked!
  • Level 10 – Consumable Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 12 – Component Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 14 – Component Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 16 – New Javelin Unlocked!
  • Level 18 – Component Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 20 – Consumable Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 23 – Component Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 26 – New Javelin Unlocked!
  • Level 30 – Consumable Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 30 – Grandmaster Difficulties Unlocked!

As you level up your Pilot you will unlock the rewards listed above automatically. Normally you will be notifies during a mission summary as to what you unlocked. Each unlock you get makes you stronger and gives you more diversity in your builds. Have fun out there!

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