Alex Garland Trudges Into The Southern Reaches Of Our Minds With Annihilation

So, I’ve been waiting to get a look at Alex Garland’s cinematic adaptation of Jeff Vandermeer’s Annihilation, and our first look comes via a “teaser” trailer courtesy of Paramount. Why have I been looking forward to this film? Well, Garland is a major talent, who has been on my radar since his work with Danny Boyle, and Ex Machina, Garland’s directorial debut, is a very strong film, both in terms of the writing and directing. Then, we’ve got Vandermeer’s novel, which is somewhat challenging and mysterious, making it ripe for someone like Garland to come along and turn it into a feature film.

So, what do I think of the trailer? Well, it certainly is presenting an intriguing movie. Despite the initial CG shot, everything from the look of the world, to the crew geared out, just looks great. Given that I have familiarity with the source material, there is a lot more here for those in the know, than there is for the average normie, but I have to assume that even a normie would be intrigued by the mysteries that are presented in the trailer.

However, I have to again reiterate a statement that I’ve made before regarding so called “teaser” trailers. This is not a teaser trailer. This is a full on trailer, and there is so much presented here, that we truly do not need to see another trailer for this movie. Personally, I will be avoiding any more advertising for this film, simply because I have seen all I need to see. I implore you to not seek out any other marketing for this film, because it will likely be a way better experience if you don’t. I’d say read Vandermeer’s original text if you are thirsty for more, as there is a whole trilogy there to devour, and the style in which it is written has me anticipating the film and the text to each standalone on their own merits. You’ve got until Feb 23 of 2018 to get the reading done, and it will be a good distraction from any more advertising for this film that will inevitably come.



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    Great trailer post! This looks killer

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