Addict Guide – Vigil: The Longest Night

When you leave Maye Town for the first time you will encounter an addict along the path in the Outskirts of Maye. This addict has information regarding a woman following the professor, but will only give it to you if you give him some sacredwood medicine. To complete this side quest use our Addict guide for Vigil: The Longest Night below.

How to Complete the Addict Side Quest

Image showing the Addict NPC in Vigil: The Long Night.

Along the Outskirts of Maye you will find the Addict NPC next to the entrance leading to the Church Plaza. When you speak to them they mention the professor and someone following them. They then ask for medicine which is called sacredwood. This adds the Addict entry to your notes.

Speak to Captain Carl

Once you’ve spoken to the Addict head back into Maye Town and make your way to the Gate Outpost. Head to the third floor and speak to Captain Carl. Carl is fairly useless as he knows very little about sacredwood medicine. With that said he does drop a hint regarding heathens knowing about it which triggers a new Note.

Where to Get Sacredwood Medicine

Image showing where to get the Sacredwood Medicine in Vigil: The Longest Night.

Now that we now where to look its time to pay a visit everyone’s favorite heathen Gram. Make your way to the Village and enter Gram’s Home. On the bottom floor walk to the left until you reach the treasure chest. Drop down where the chest is to reveal a passageway. Follow the passageway (use double jump to reach the high ledge) to reach an area called the Wasteland.

Head to the left in the Wasteland and defeat the rather strong enemy in your path. Once this enemy is defeated head left to the Sacrewood and grab the Blood of the Sacredwood item sitting under it. Once you have this items leave the area and head back to the Addict.

Give the medicine to the Addict to complete the quest. For delivering the medicine you will get Small Shimmering Stone and information on what the Professor has been up to lately.

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