Absolver ALL Marked Ones Location Guide

Absolver PvE tasks you with defeating two main bosses and six Marked Ones before being able to fight the final boss. Marked Ones act as a sort of mini boss and are found throughout the Forest and the City. Defeating a marked one unlocks new skills. If you are having trouble finding any of the Marked Ones, use this Absolver ALL Marked Ones Location guide to ease the search.

All the Marked Ones Locations are as follows:

  • Central Harbor – Lamren
  • Coliseum – Ristael
  • The Hunting Path – Revario
  • The Forgotten Temple – Angrel
  • Bird Caller’s Outpost – Ama Saba
  • Tower of Adal – Dormek

If you are looking for the locations of the other bosses in Absolver, use our PvE guide found here.

Lamren (Fourth Marked One)

Location: Central Harbor

Skill Gained: Shockwave

Find Lamren: Lamren is located near the beginning of Central Harbor. When you reach a point where there are multiple directions you can go, head to the left and you will find Lamren at the dead end.

Ristael (Fifth Marked One)

Location: Coliseum

Skill Gained: Gravity

Find Ristael: From the entrance, look to the left of the boss tear in the Coliseum. Head inside and make you way up the stairs and then left onto a wooden ramp. Head up the ramp until you reach the top of the tower. Waiting at the top is Ristael.

Revario (First Marked One)

Location: The Hunting Path

Skill Gained: Earthquake

Find Revario: From the Altar in The Hunting Path, look for a pathway underneath a fallen tree. Follow the path and you will find Revario sitting beneath a tree. Good luck!

Angrel (Second Marked One)

Location: The Forgotten Temple

Skill Gained: Shield

Find Angrel: Make your way to the Altar inside The Forgotten Temple look at the temple. You should see an opening that leads to the bottom floor of the temple. Here you will find Angrel.

Ama Saba (Third Marked One)

Location: Bird Caller’s Outpost

Skill Gained: Exhaust

Find Angrel: From the Altar, head to far house in on the end of the centre street. Inside you will find Ama Saba.

Dormek (Sixth Marked One)

Location: Tower of Adal

Skill Gained: Silence

Find Angrel: Dormek is located on the lowest area of The Tower of Adal. From the Altar head through the bottom door and take a right. Look for a pair of stairs and head underneath them. Drop down and you will find Dormek.

This concludes our Absolver Marked Ones location guide. With all six Marked Ones defeated, you can challenge Risryn and becomes the Absolver you were meant to be. Hope this guide helped!

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