Absolver Combat Styles

Absolver is finally out and that means it’s time to dive into the various fighting styles at your disposal. In total, there are three combat styles you can choose from at the start of Absolver. Depending on playstyle, the combat style you choose will determine your active ability as well as your stats. Let’s take a look at the Absolver combat styles.


Absolver Combet Styles

Difficulty: ***

Description: Balanced combat style with a slight focus on Strength.

Active Ability: Parry – Completely blocks an enemy’s attack and stuns them.

Starting Attributes:

  • Strength: 6
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Vitality: 5
  • Endurance: 5
  • Will: 3


Absolver Combat Styles

Difficulty: **

Description: Dexterity focused style.

Active Ability: Avoid – Avoids and slows down the enemy’s attack

Starting Attributes:

  • Strength: 4
  • Dexterity: 6
  • Vitality: 4
  • Endurance: 4
  • Will: 6

Kahlt Method

Absolver Combat Styles

Difficulty: *

Description: Vitality and Strength focused.

Active Ability: Absorb – Avoid stun attack and return health.

Starting Attributes:

  • Strength: 6
  • Dexterity: 3
  • Vitality: 7
  • Endurance: 6
  • Will: 2

Unlockable Style: Stagger Style

Stagger Style is an unlockable combat style you can find in Absolver.

Difficulty: **

Description: Vitality and Strength are abandoned in favor of other attributes.

Active Ability: Special Attacks – Attack with defensive property (dodge with attack).

Starting Attributes:


Unlocked: There are two ways to unlock Stagger Style: Join the school by interacting with someone who has already joined it (like me, add Steam: Enricofairme), or find and defeat Jinn Messca in the PvE World after reaching level 25. Once Messca is defeated, you can open the locked door near the Coliseum to join the school.

The first three Absolver combat styles are selectable when you first start a game. As Absolver progresses, you can begin to change your style and make your character more unique. You can also unlock the fourth style, Stagger Style, by reaching level 25. Sloclap has also mentioned that they will be adding more combat styles in the future.

I will probably do a full playthrough with every style, but have opted to start with Forsaken. Strength build is love, Strength build is life. Which style did you choose to start with?

Anything I should add to this Absolver Combat Styles page? Let me know in The Pit below.


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  1. Caddic says:

    I started with Forsaken as well, since it’s a hybrid i put points into strength, dexterity and endurance and ive been doing quite well so far the only ones I have trouble beating is the kahlt and that’s mainly because their ability is so strong vs a stun based hybrid build like mine. It’s really easy to use against just about anything while the forsaken ability takes a lot of timing and anticipating.

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