Abandoned will come to PC eventually studio reveals

The enigmatic PlayStation 5 exclusive title, Abandoned, has been the talk of the internet for the past few weeks. Fan theories have cropped up surrounding the title with fans hoping for Hideo Kojima involvement, or ties to Silent Hill. While much of the speculation has been proven false, Blue Box Studios, has shared some details regarding the game’s exclusivity. What we know now is that Abandoned will come to PC, eventually.

News of the PC release came from the studios official Twitter account. When asked about the title coming to PC the studio replied with “Eventually.” What eventually means in this context is unknown, but it does bode well for PC gamers wanting to play this mysterious project at some point.

Abandoned is still very much a work in process. Besides a reveal trailer there hasn’t been much by way of information surrounding the game. We do know the Abandoned title is a code name for the game. We also know it is some sort of first-person horror/exploration title that features guns.

The game is currently a PlayStation5 exclusive with there being a partnership with Sony. The studio behind the title is Blue Box Studios which is a Netherlands based studio of over 50 people.

More news on the game was slated to be revealed alongside the release of an app. This release has been pushed back to June 25th. The app will features a trailer and some other uses that have yet to be revealed.

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