Abandoned reveal suffers major technical issues, pushes back reveal time

Abandoned is one of the more strange video game announcements we’ve seen in quite some time. Each announcement studio Blue Box makes regarding the game is oddly cryptic and full of loose threads that has led to wild speculation. This speculation has grown so large the internet is convinced the game is being made by Hideo Kojima and is Silent Hill. Further complicating matters is the fact the studio has not been able to reveal anything about the game. Each reveal has been plagued with delays and it doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

After being delayed previously the studio set a date for August 10th to roll out their special cinematic story app on PlayStation 5. The app went live and players everywhere were able to download the thing. Unfortunately that’s the only good news.

The bad news is the launch is plagued with technical difficulties. The app was suppose to release at 3PM EST. Unfortunately that time came and went and the studio tweeted a message announcing the launch was delayed due to technical difficulties. The tweet thread above lays out what the studio has been saying lately regarding the first look.

At this point the release seems a bit odd. The constant delays definitely seem strange especially due to the fact the studio has already delayed the reveal multiple times before.

Abandoned is set to be a PlayStation exclusive. This title will release on PS5 when it does come out. Sony is involved in the project in some form.

What do you think about the Abandoned reveal? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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