A Way Out Has Gone Gold, Will Release March 23rd

A Way Out, the upcoming title from Hazelight Studios has gone gold director Josef Fares has revealed. This upcoming cooperative, jail-break, action title will now officially release on March 23rd on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The name Josef Fares may sound familiar to you as he was writer and director on the indie title Brothers: A Tale Two Sons. Since Brothers, Fares has been working on A Way Out which is being published under the EA Originals Program.

A Way Out Gameplay

Like Brothers, the newest offering from Fares and Hazelight Studios possess some intriguing gameplay mechanics. The game is designed specifically around cooperative play and features cinematic events around this mechanic (one player will get a cutscene while the other does not). Players will need to work together to escape prison and evade law enforcement on the outside.

Since cooperative play is key to the whole experience, Hazelight is presenting an interesting way of getting players to play with one another. Instead of requiring all parties own the game only one player needs to own A Way Out and then they can invite whoever they want to play with them. This shareability of a single copy is akin to something you would see from publishers like Nintendo and Microsoft and is somewhat shocking to see coming from an EA published title.

You can check out A Way Out On March 23rd. Maybe make some friends before the release so you don’t have to buy it.

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