A Hat in Time to Release 2017

An indie game that I have personally been following, A Hat in Time moves closer to a release date a recent Kickstarter post shows. Gears for Breakfast have narrowed down the release date for their upcoming platformer and it will be next year. For those who don’t know, A Hat in Time pays a homage to platformers of the N64 era (looks very Rare like).

Showing off the recent timetable of A Hat in Time development progress, players will notice that development is in its final stages. There is also an extra few post launch episodes that will come in the form of updates to add to the game.

A Hat in Time

The ambiguity behind the release date is for good reason according to A Hat in Time developers, as they wanted to avoid setting up fans for disappointment.

We’ve been very clear about not wanting to announce a release date for A Hat in Time until we are 100% certain we can deliver the game by that date. We’ve seen other projects announce release dates that weren’t met (such as Mighty No 9), and the public has made it very clear that they’d rather receive a single, solid release date than an estimated release date that may eventually get delayed.

We are not at a point yet where we can mark a specific date down, as the final stages of development are new grounds for us. However, based on our current progress, we can say the following with absolute certainty:

A Hat in Time will release in 2017

We hope to narrow this down to a specific date in the future, when A Hat in Time is content-complete. Thank you very much for your patience with us, we’ve put our all into delivering a high quality, grand adventure on a small budget, and that takes time. We are certain it will be worth the wait, and we’re looking forward to sharing the game with you!

The game looks to be coming along nicely. I am looking forwards to getting my hand on this N64esque, platformer in 2017. If you wish to follow game updates checkout their Twitter and Facebook!

What are your thoughts on A Hat in Time? Excited? Let me know in the Pit Below.


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