The 90s Are The New 80s or: Super Dark Times Official Trailer

The Orchard has dropped a trailer for their upcoming film Super Dark Times and despite the film apparently being set in the 90s, as we can gather by the reference in the trailer to renting True Lies, this is a trailer that is full on indulging in the current (and seemingly unending) trend of 80s-fication.

Now, this is hardly a bad trailer. It sells the film fairly well, and is doing a good job capitalizing on current popular trends such as VHS aesthetics, and “80s” synth scores that are really 10s electronic music with 80s influence, but it does seem weird to sell a 90s set movie in an 80s way.

The most obvious vibe that I was getting from this trailer was a Mean Creek vibe, and that must be blatantly obvious, because before the trailer ends, a critic quote appears that reads “this generations Mean Creek or Donnie Darko“. Now, that quote is covering a pretty wide spectrum of high school movies there, and the trailer is certainly leaning more towards being closer to Mean Creek than it is to Donnie Darko, so suggesting that the film could be either of those films for this current generation is confusing. But, I would certainly be on board if Super Dark Times was a combination of those two films, so we’ll just have to wait and see on September 29th when the film drops.


“Look into the eyes of a FilmApe and you will see real stupidity. It is a kind of bottomless stupidity, a fiendish stupidity. They are the most horrifying, cannibalistic and nightmarish creatures in the world.” - Werner Herzog

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  1. enricofairme says:

    I’m intrigued. Though I don’t see the Donnie Darko comparison this Joe Blow is talking about.

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