Harry Dean Stanton Is In This Movie…

Now here is an intriguing upcoming film that I knew nothing about until about five minutes ago, but has now jumped to near the top of most anticipated movies of the year. I wouldn’t necessarily say that there is anything in the trailer that blew me away, though the end joke landed for me in a big way, but the pedigree of those involved with this flick is certainly impressive.

Lucky is the directorial debut for actor John Carroll Lynch (you should know who JCL is), and it stars Harry Dean Stanton as the film’s protagonist Lucky. Stanton is 91 years old, and if you don’t know who he is, then you don’t know what cool is. Stanton is without a doubt one of the greatest actors to have ever lived, and it is great to see him given a film to truly shine in…

Which leads me to the worst part of the trailer, the critic quotes. This must have screened at some festivals already, as there are three critic blurbs praising Stanton’s performance. Honestly, that’s like the most obvious statement you can make about a Harry Dean Stanton movie, because you know that he is always going to deliver. I get that Magnolia Pictures is trying to sell people on seeing this simply because a very old dude is getting to lead a film, but seriously, if I was editing this trailer, I’d be giving people more of Stanton singing at children’s birthday parties, more David Lynch talking about turtles, and more of the dude who played the bartender in Paterson. Those were the things that I liked about the trailer, so give me more of that. Anyway, I’ll definitely be seeking this flick out when it is released on September 29.

Oh, one final thing. In 2017 we have got or are getting films called Logan, Lucky, and Logan Lucky…eerie



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