5 Things to Do After Beating Story Mode in Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 features a new story mode which tasks players with rebuilding a recently destroyed Peach’s Castle. To rebuild this castle players collect coins from across a number of different jobs. Once the player has rebuilt the castle, the credits roll and the mode ends… or does it? Here are 5 things to do after beating Story Mode.

Complete Princess Peach’s Two Endgame Jobs

Image showing the March of the Rookie Toads description screen.

After you’ve beaten Story Mode, return to the Taskmaster and speak to them. When you first speak with them they will mention a new job from Princess Peach. In total Peach will give you two jobs:

  • Let’s Go, Builder Mario – Pays out Princess Peach Dress.
  • March of the Rookie Toads – Pays out Princess Peach Wig.

Complete both of the jobs listed above to receive the Princess Peach Dress and Princess Peach Wig. These items can be equipped on the Maker avatar page, which I will discuss more below.

Uncover Coursebot

Image showing a buried Makerbot.

After you complete Peach’s first job (Let’s Go, Builder Mario), you will unlock the ability to break blocks in the Story Mode overworld. This is a good ability as it allows us to uncover Coursebot. Head to the underground area along the left path. Break the blocks underground to reach Coursebot. Jump into him multiple times to have him emerge on the surface. Uncovering Coursebot allows you to watch any videos from the Story Mode.

Pay the Chief to Build More Stuff

Image showing Chief in Story Mode.

Once you’ve beaten Story Mode you can speak with Chief to have more stuff built. The stuff Chief builds is purely decorative and costs 1000 Coins per build. You can view the mural you build along the left pathway.

Pay Undodog to Tell Jokes

Image showing Undodog.

If you have a ton of money and not much left to burn it on, Undodog will gladly take it off your hands. Speak to Undodog after you’ve beaten Story Mode and it will tell you a joke for 100 Coins. These jokes are very punny.

Make & Play Other People’s Courses

Image showing where to Make & Play Other People's Courses.

If you’ve exhausted everything on this list its time to move on to the bulk of Super Mario Maker 2 which is making and playing other people’s courses. To get started on making courses, hit up the Course Maker on your + Menu. If you want to play other people’s courses go to Course World. Good luck!

More: how to get the Superball Mario outfit.

Thoughts on these 5 things to do after beating Story Mode? Do something else? Let me know in The Pit below.


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