5 Things to Do After Beating Monster Hunter World

So you’ve done it. You’ve made it through the New World; slaughtered everything in sight and collected some sweet looking gear along the way. You’ve slayed Xeno’jiiva; the credits rolled and you returned to Astera with a new sense of accomplishment. The New World is safe… for now. While safe is always good, it can also be kind of boring. What’s there to do in a safe world? Let me show you. Here are 5 things to do after beating Monster Hunter World.

1. Grind for Armor Sets and Weapons

Image of the Vaal Hazak β Set

I’ve been grinding for the Vaal Set because look at it!

Monster Hunter World revolves around being prepared for hunting situations. When facing a monster that deals thunder elemental damage, you want to head into the fight with a build tailored for that encounter. With this in mind, you may wish to grind out specific gear sets and weapons for certain monster styles. Creating something like an elder dragon build, or thunder build will place you in a really good situation for facing the steady stream of new monsters Capcom is gonna be funneling our way over the coming months. Endgame is the perfect time to do this, as many others players are also grinding for their own sought after pieces.

2. Complete New Quests

Upon completion of Monster Hunter World, you will receive new quests from the usual givers like the armory, council and researchers. Some of these new quests reward you with some pretty sweet rewards including new mantles, ingredients, and bonuses for your Ancient Tree. Completing these quests is a good way to increase power as many of the endgame mantles are pretty powerful.

3. Fight Tempered Monsters

After you’ve beaten Monster Hunter World, you will be able to start completing tempered monster hunts. Tempered monsters are more powerful versions of monsters you’ve fought throughout your storyline playthrough. These tempered monsters can be found by inspecting blue tracks throughout the various stages of the New World, and work similar to completing investigations for the elder dragons. Simply head to an area and look for blue tracks which belong to a tempered monster. Collect enough of these tracks and you will unlock and investigation of that tempered monster.

Tempered monster investigation are divided into three HR tiers:

13 – 29 = Tempered versions of weak monsters like Barroth

30 – 49 = Tempered versions of mid tier monsters like Bezelguese

50+ = Tempered Elder Dragons

Tempered monsters drop streamstones which are a form of endgame augmentation. These augmentations are designed specifically for min/maxing endgame gear. The higher tier tempered monsters drop better streamstones and make up the bulk of endgame grinding.

4. Achievement/Trophy Hunting

Monster Hunter World Trophies

I’m only at 34% and I’ve been playing a ton of MHW.

Monster Hunter World features a number of achievements and many of them are pretty time consuming. If you’re interested in completing all the achievements, it’s gonna take some commitment. If you’ve beat the game and want something to do, open that achievement page. Things like hunting 500 large monsters, researching everything about all monsters, and collecting 1 million zenny are gonna take some serious time dumping.

5. Wait For DLC

If you’ve reached endgame and are feeling a bit burnt out, that’s okay. Take a step away from the game for a bit and comeback when new DLC drops. On the DLC front Capcom has promised a number of addons will be coming, so there should be a steady stream of Monster Hunter World content on its way soon. The first up is Deviljho which will drop sometime in the next couple of months. A new monster along with new weapons and armor sets may be just what you need to reignite that interest to get you going again.

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