10 Secrets in The Ringed City DLC

5. The Old Humpin Hag

On the topic of angels, there is a character you meet at the start of the DLC who inevitably becomes and  one. The old humpin hag is seated next to the Dregg Heap bonfire and will sell you items. If you kill her, she mentions something about meeting angels. Reload the area and a new angel will spawn over the area. This angel is not tethered to anything and dies if you shoot it.

The same event happens when you beat the DLC. 

4. Harald Legion Knight Armor is a Thing

When I first entered the Dreg Heap, I encountered the Harald Legion Knight in the crumbling tower. My immediate reaction was curiosity, curiosity about acquiring the enemies armor set. While I don’t have any statistical data, the armor set appears to be a very rare drop (even when wearing the Covetous Serpent Ring +3). With that being said, I did manage to collect the set and it is beautiful. There are only three pieces to the set, so good luck farming!

3. The entire opening to The Ringed City is a callback to previous games in the series

While I tend to not get caught up in the lore of Dark Souls, some people do. These people pour over every detail and craft theories which can prove to be rather interesting. One thing many of these people are pointing out is how the opening areas of The Ringed City are areas we have seen throughout the Dark Souls series. Earthen Peak is found in Dark Souls 2, but is lying in ruins in The Ringed City. The Demon Princes home is another section which fans will find familiar. Think Dark Souls…

2. Covetous Serpent Ring +3 is a Farmer’s Dream

This is not really a secret per se, but more of an observation. In The Dregg Heap, we get the Covetous Serpent Ring +3. This ring boosts item discovery, like previous incarnations. What I noticed is that this rings ups the item find by an insane amount. Like I’m talking full armor set drops. Basically FromSoftware has given us an item to help us appear on episodes of Lothric’s Help I’m a Hoarder.

1. Returning The Blood of The Dark Soul

If you recall in Ashes of Ariandel, the painter girl tells us that Uncle Gael has left to find the Dark Soul, which will help her finisher her painting. As we find out, Gael has made it to the bottom of the world, but has been driven mad. Killing Slave Knight Gael, gives us the Blood of the Dark Soul. This item can be returned to the painting girl and wraps up the series. See the video above.

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